Increase your team’s productivity.

Enable your staff to quickly find the documents, files and information they need from any system within your organisation, using a single unifying search box – powered by SimSage AI.

Dramatically reduce the time your employees spend searching for information within your organisation.

In this digital age, and as organisations grow, so does their creation and use of information and data. Whether you are a data-oriented business or a company with a large workforce the chances are, files and documents are created in multiple applications and stored across multiple devices, drives and storage platforms.

When it comes to finding documents, files and information staff often have to use different search tools in multiple systems to find what they are looking for and invariably spend time searching the for the documents they need – rather than finding them straight away.

By providing a single search box that searches all your organisation’s platforms simultaneously, SimSage reduces the time your staff search for documents so that they can spend the time on your business.

SimSage EnterpriseSearch key benefits:

  • Significantly improves productivity
  • Reduces business risk
  • Removes cost and complexity of document management systems
  • Increases staff satisfaction

“People spend up to 30% of their day simply trying to find information”.


“84% of CEOs worry about the quality of the data within their organisations”.


“40% of corporate users reported that they can not find the information they need to do their jobs on their intranets”.


EnterpriseSearch Features

Document Discovery

From the moment SimSage EnterpriseSearch is implemented you gain insight and visibility of the documents, files and information within your organisation. SimSage crawls and indexes your systems to ascertain the size of your data sources and recommends the relevant sized SimSage EnterpriseSearch cluster for you – ensuring you are on the correctly sized and priced service for your needs.

The SimSage Discovery exercise also provides a report showing the nature and extent of the information within your organisation and allows you to choose what systems and information can be searched.

Furthermore, the SimSageDiscovery enables you to understand what information you have in your systems and whether you are GDPR compliant.

Unified Search

However your organisation creates or stores documents files and information, Simsage EnterpriseSearch encompasses the majority of platforms including Office 365, MS Exchange, Sharepoint, OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, Intranet pages, databases and more, unifying your documents by making them more findable from a single unified search box.

AI powered Search

SimSage EnterpriseSearch finds the documents, flies and information your staff are looking for within both structured and unstructured formats. It is a full-text semantic search, reading every word in every document in context, and finds and uses any document meta-data to enhance document discovery.

SimSage is informed by deep-learning neural networks and natural language processing and understanding, which means that SimSage EnterpriseSearch understands the intent of the query to find the best results available quickly and more easily.

Customisable search interface and elegantly presented results

SimSage EnterpriseSearch is deployed with a standard User Interface out of the box, however, the look and feel of your unified search box is infinitely customisable with CSS so it can meet your brand guidelines or the familiarity of your existing intranet search.

Search results return Office documents as well as PDFs, text files and more. Search results are highlighted, and a useful preview image of each document found is also presented to help users recognise what they are looking for.

Administration portal and access controls

EnterpriseSearch provides a web based admin portal that gives you complete control of what documents, files and information is available within your organisation to be searched and you can assign different permissions to different users with different roles.

Reporting and Analytics

Fine tune your organisation by understanding what information and documents your staff are looking for. EnterpriseSearch reports provide visual access to statistics that help you understand the information requirements of your teams and can be utilised to create more efficient knowledge bases.

Automated FAQs

SimSage EnterpriseSearch understands the context of search queries and allows questions to be asked in different ways and machine learning rapidly enables SimSage to increase search effectiveness. As well as finding documents SimSage EnterpriseSearch also assists with the most frequently asked questions within your organisation helping you to build knowledge bases to share among your teams making them more efficient.

With operator integration and live chat you can also deepen your knowledge bases with human assisted machine learning.


For annual contracts invoiced in advance and bespoke requirements please do get in touch with our team.We’d be delighted to discuss your SimSage EnterpriseSeach needs with you.