Increase your website visitors engagement through improved search experience

Enable your website visitors to better find the products, information, documents, or answers they are really looking for with the familiar experience of your existing search box – powered by SimSage AI.

Dramatically reduce the time that website visitors search for products, information, documents or answers within your website

The world is online, and both your potential customers and existing customers look to your website to find products to buy, information or documents to satisfy their needs and answers from the help or customer service section of your website.

When it comes to finding products, information, documents or answers in a website, visitors invariably turn to the search function to find what they need, yet research shows that a large proportion of websites are failing their purpose as users try to guess the search terms that the search function will return, with roughly 50% of in-site searches abandoned.

SimSage SiteSearch can be seamlessly installed on any website, allowing your website visitors to find accurate and relevant results faster, when compared with standard in-site search tools.

SimSage SiteSearch:

  • Increases sales
  • Increases conversions
  • Decreases help-desk costs
  • Increases customer satisfaction

“We added SimSage to the website for our boutique litigation practice in 2020 and we have had a noticeable increase in new inquiries since then”

Michel Talbot, Talbot Law

SiteSearch Features

AI Powered Search

SimSage SiteSearch finds the products, information, documents and answers your website visitors are looking for within both structured and unstructured formats. It is a full-text semantic search, reading every word in every web page, or document in context, and finds and uses any document meta-data to enhance document discovery.

SimSage is informed by deep-learning neural networks and natural language processing and understanding, which means that SimSage SiteSearch understands the intent of the query to find the best results available quickly and more easily.

Customisable search interface maintains familiarity

SimSage SiteSearch can be seamlessly installed on any website, replacing the default search with SimSage’s cloud-based AI powered search. For WordPress websites SimSage is available as a Plug-in

SimSage SiteSearch is customisable with CSS to meet your brand guidelines and to maintain the look and feel and familiarity of the existing search box in your website.

Search results are highlighted, and a useful preview image of each page found is also presented to help users recognise what they are looking for.

Administrator portal

SiteSearch provides a web based admin portal that gives you complete control of what pages and information is searchable and available within your website.

Reporting and Analytics

Fine tune your website by understanding what information your site visitors are looking for.

SiteSearch reports provide visual access to statistics that help you understand the products, information or answers your site visitors are looking for, enabling you to improve the overall user experience of your site. Further more, for help and customer service sections of websites it can be utilised to inform the creation of more efficient knowledge bases.

Automated FAQs

SimSage SiteSearch understands the context of search queries and allows questions to be asked in different ways while machine learning rapidly enables SimSage to increase search effectiveness. As well as finding documents SimSage SiteSearch also assists with the most asked questions about your website helping you to build knowledge bases to share among your teams making them more efficient.

With operator integration and live chat you can also deepen your knowledge bases with human assisted machine learning.


For annual contracts invoiced in advance or for non WordPress platforms and bespoke requirements please do get in touch with our team. We’d be delighted to discuss your SimSage SiteSearch needs with you.