Why waste your time?

Jun 30, 2023
3 mins read

Imagine if you could give yourself and your team more time, let’s say, an extra day every week. What could your business do with that?

Past research from the IDC found that people spend between 18-20% of their day simply trying to find information. That’s up to one day every week spent searching internal systems, with varying degrees of success. Often, even more time is wasted recreating documents when they cannot be found after an extensive search.

If this is starting to sound familiar then don’t worry, we’re here to tell you how you can take back up to a day’s worth of time and start doing so much more in your business.

First, let’s take a look at how we got here; why is it so hard to find files, documents and information in your business?

Over the past few decades, business data growth has accelerated as more and more services, processes, transactions and communications have become digitised. Currently, data is growing at an average rate of 63% per month in many organisations. So, when it comes to finding that one document containing one specific detail, the words ‘needle’ and ‘haystack’ spring to mind.

Throw into the mix the different ways that people save documents (i.e. Person A saves all email attachments straight to Sharepoint, Person B prefers to save them locally on their PC, whereas Person C keeps everything filed away in Outlook), plus the individual logic applied to file naming (i.e. Person A’s logical and ‘obvious’ method for naming files can make no sense to Person B, so they use a different method). You’re left with a data labyrinth. One that is growing by the day.

So your data systems are messy, but is Search really slowing you down? And do you need to tidy up?

There’s a really easy way to test whether or not your Search processes are working well, or slowing you down: ask a colleague to find a document for you. Responses along the lines of: "Was it sent in an email?", "Is it a client document?" or even "Where should I look?" are key symptoms of a broken search process.

These responses show that you have a number of information silos and so your searches are done on a slow, silo-by-silo basis.

Some information management companies will tell you that your problem begins and ends with these silos, and the solution is to integrate all your data into one single place.

We disagree. Data sources have evolved - and will continue to evolve - in these ways because humans think and apply logic in different ways. So, whilst you can undertake the gargantuan task of integrating data into one single source, how long will it be before people in your workforce begin to organise it in their own way again?

What if you could search all of your siloed sources of information - including emails, email archives, Sharepoint, OneDrive and many more - in one go? No need to move any data, no need to ‘tidy up’.

SimSage is unique Search technology that plugs into any number of different systems and searches 300+ file types at once, returning results in seconds.

Advanced semantic search understands the intent of your query and will find what you need, even if you have worded your search differently - helping you to negotiate those different file naming methods that exist in most organisations.

SimSage is designed to save you time and make your business more productive. Get in touch so we can find out more about your challenges and how we can help. Visit simsage.ai or drop us a line at info@simsage.co.uk.