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SimSage IIM Platform

SimSage is a powerful and intelligent information management platform that enables companies to improve business efficiencies and reduce risk.

SimSage Information Management Platform 

Using SimSage's four solutions, organisations can audit, find, categorise and automate their data with exceptional speed and accuracy.

Through our user centric approach, SimSage is built to support your business through clever and unique meta-indexing. This forms the heart of our technology which reduces operational
cost and frees up time.  

Our algorithms apply advanced natural language processing and learn the lexicon of your business. This enables SimSage to perform semantic and contextual searches, returning relevant results even if the wording differs to your search term.

SimSage Audit

SimSage Audit performs a deep analysis to right-size and de-risk your information inventory and sort out ‘the mess’ of 20-30 years of accumulated information.

SimSage Find

SimSage Find is a powerful semantic AI search that can find information (structured and unstructured data) with speed and accuracy, regardless of where it is stored.

SimSage Categorise

SimSage Categorise will automate your categorisation by auto-tagging documents so they can be filed and found more easily. 

SimSage Automate

SimSage Automate is a workflow automation tool that manages data-intensive processes to save time. (eg: Data Subject Access Reviews (DSARs); Right to be Forgotten requests and; responding to data breaches).

The solutions our intelligent information platform can deliver include:

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Federated and Extranet Searches

Extend your internal company search capabilities to include the systems of your customers, partners and newly merged or acquired companies. Our Federated and Extranet Search features enable you to access information outside of your organisation quickly and securely, increasing productivity and decreasing the risks associated with moving and transferring data (however if you do want to move it, we can help with that too!).

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Data inventory

SimSage’s data inventory feature sheds light on your company’s data, including the extent and location of all personal, confidential and financial information. We can help you identify the age of documents, to ensure compliance with your company’s retention policies, and we will find duplicates to help you reduce your data footprint.

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SimSage can automatically identify and redact Personal Identifiable Information (PII), as well as allowing users to manually redact words and phrases. This enables you to quickly prepare documents that protect vital information and are suitable for external viewing.

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Privacy Tracker

SimSage’s Privacy Tracker feature enables you to identify and view documents that contain specific personal, financial or otherwise sensitive and confidential information. This includes names, addresses, email addresses, bank accounts and credit card numbers, policy numbers and National Insurance numbers. Our Privacy Tracker will help you to comply with data retention policies and, combined with SimSage’s Redaction feature, it enables you to respond to Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs), with greater speed and accuracy.

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Speak to us if you’d like to:

Quickly access other corporate systems and integrate relevant data when your business is merging or acquiring.

De-duplicate your data asset estate so you can always find the most up-to date version of a document.

Get the full picture on data breaches and report them quickly, which can reduce regulator fines.

Cleanse your structured data to identify and act upon duplicates and near duplicate records.

Find, filter, de-duplicate and export responsive documents needed during litigation - all in one platform.

Identify and purge old information and mitigate the risks of GDPR non-compliance.

Save time and fines when handling DSARs by using SimSage’s Privacy Tracker and automated bulk redaction features.