Businesses operating across almost all sectors accumulate more and more data every day, with data growth averaging at 63% per year.

SimSage is working with a number of sectors that are heavily data-driven, providing businesses and organisations globally with clarity over their entire data asset estate, and the ability to find and act upon information, quickly and efficiently.

These sectors include:

  • Legal
  • Insurance
  • IT Networks
  • Consultancies
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics
  • Science and Research
  • Local Government

From streamlining the eDisclosure and eDiscovery process, including Early Case Assessment, for legal teams using our search-enabled workflow capabilities; to helping insurance firms that are undertaking mergers and acquisitions to quickly connect to and integrate external data into their business.

And from transforming the speed and accuracy at which healthcare providers can respond to DSARs with the assistance of our privacy tracker and redaction features, to enabling Consultancy firms to shed light on their clients’ data with our powerful discovery tool.

SimSage is transforming the way that businesses and organisations interact with their data. Be part of it, get in touch for a demo.