enables companies globally to improve business efficiencies and reduce risk through intelligent information management.

SimSage Intelligent Information Management – Finding the right information when you need it

To use SimSage, there is no requirement to move or centralise data between existing systems within a business (or between businesses that share information). SimSage can quickly connect to all information systems within any business, including Sharepoint, Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft 365, iManage, NetDocuments and many more, and from there, index an organisation’s entire data asset estate.

Why choose SimSage?

We can help you to work faster, reduce risk and do more with your data.

Speaking your language

  • Identify and understand the unique challenges in your business
  • Lightening the load for your team is our priority

Simple implementation

  • SimSage connects to all of your existing systems
  • No need to move any of your data

Straightforward pricing

  • Pricing based on the amount of data you have
  • Cost certainty from the start

Secure and trustworthy

  • IS027001 and Cyber Essentials certified
  • Emulate existing security protocols and permissions