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The amount of information that is available on websites continues to expand at an unprecedented rate – yet despite this, users frequently struggle to find what they’re actually looking for.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. For website visitors, it’s about intent, not just content.

SimSage’s search platform, powered by artificial intelligence software, connects users with the answers and information they need. No confusion. No information overload.

SimSage is a highly contextual find engine. The SimSage WordPress plugin search function understands natural language enabling it to deliver an enhanced user experience.

SimSage WordPress search plugin makes it easier for users to navigate websites, finding information and documentation they’re actually looking for. Ultimately, this delivers a competitive advantage and leads to increased customer engagement and retention.

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Why SimSage?

Enhance user experience with innovative website search and integrated WordPress


Enhance user experience, engagement and revenue pull-through of your website with the installation of the SimSage search and integrated knowledge plugin.

SimSage’s game-changing WordPress search function boosts businesses competitive advantage by helping to gather insight about the information their customers really want to know.

SimSage is able to improve WordPress website search functionality via its innovative WordPress artificial intelligence plugin – delivering contextual answers to natural language questions.

SimSage achieves enhanced search functionality via a WordPress chat plugin which assists in building a knowledge-base (FAQs). This knowledge base focusses on what customers actually want to know, not what you think they want to know – delivering accurate, automated responses to customer enquiries.

If the information, data or documents are available on a website, SimSage will find them - saving precious time and improving the user experience.

SimSage’s unique WordPress AI-powered search can be installed quickly and makes trawling websites for specific information a thing of the past.




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£20per month

Intelligent Site-Search

Documents* 200
Queries**/day 500

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First Month Free

£99per month

Intelligent Site-Search plus Automated FAQ responses

Documents* 1,000
Queries**/day 5,000
KB Q/As 100
Search, Daily Usage, Conversations, Customers/day, Content Inventories

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Our Testimonials


Alexa Clark

Glas Data, Feb 2020

SimSage is a great way to spot and fill in gaps on our knowledge base and we can't wait to see it getting more use when we have more users onboard.

Providing our users with leading customer support is important to us and I can see how SimSage will support us with this. With insight into the content that our users actually want we will be able to improve current content and improve any new content we produce.

Harriet Housham

Researcher, Feb 2020

We have previously worked with SimSage to determine if an artificial intelligence powered search tool on an agricultural knowledgebase would benefit the farming community. The demand for such a tool was demonstrated at 2MF events where attendees agreed it was currently a struggle to find relevant information to their business and this could be improved by a Google-like search engine, specific to the agricultural sector. Attendees also agreed that it would be useful if such a tool would enable them to search for information in their own “language”, like the SimSage system offers

EDRF AgriTech

SimSage (UK) Ltd received funding from the Agri-tech Cornwall Innovation Grant Scheme Project funded from the ERDF as part of the European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020 to support the development of a downloadable AI-powered website-search plug-in, commissioned in September 2020, that assists with making information on websites far easier to find.