Empowers you to work faster, lighter and with complete clarity over your data asset estate.

Our Platform

Information is a valuable asset to any business. By helping you locate and access often hidden and sometimes unknown data, SimSage empowers you to unlock its potential.

Our technology enables you to find relevant information quickly and securely, with one simple search across all of your existing systems. Up and running in hours with no need to move your data, we can search a wide range of systems including Sharepoint, Google Drive, Dropbox, iManage, and more than 300 searchable file types.

And this is just the start. Our powerful platform enables you to perform a range of tasks that boost your business’s efficiency, productivity and compliance. We can quickly configure different features as the needs of your business grow.

Innovative and unique meta-indexing sits at the heart of our technology. Our systems apply natural language processing and ‘learn’ to speak the lexicon of your business. SimSage then performs advanced semantic search, finding precisely the information required in ways that consistently surprise and amaze our clients.

SimSage has the power to transform the relationship your business has with its data and to increase productivity, staff satisfaction and commercial success.From finding documents containing very specific details, to bulk-processing a data-set through an automated flow-process; and to reducing the data-footprint, storage costs and environmental impact of your business - whatever solution you need, SimSage will help you to achieve this and more.

Put simply, SimSage helps you to work faster, reduce risk and do more with your data.

Our Company

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Our core team has been providing search and extended information services to public and private sector clients since 2008. SimSage was launched in 2019, bringing together insight, experience and enhanced technology to create a superior intelligent information platform.

We continue to build a team of experts, skilled at designing and delivering technology that addresses the specific search and information management needs of our customers.

Our Commitment

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Like our technology, we speak your language and we strive to keep things simple.

From pricing and installation, to customer service and support, we do our level best to be transparent and helpful. We don’t disappear once SimSage is installed and will continue to support you in making our platform work hard for your business.

We understand the high-risk nature of handling confidential data. SimSage has secured both IS027001 and Cyber Essentials certification, demonstrating our commitment to protecting your business, your data and that of your customers.