Find documents with speed and accuracy

How much time does your business lose searching for information internally? As we accumulate more information and use more systems for storage and communication, the risk of losing a file or forgetting where it is stored becomes all the more likely. That’s normal, we’re all human.

And that’s why our intelligent information platform, SimSage, can connect to and perform an enterprise search across all of your systems at once, be it Microsoft 365, Google Docs, Dropbox, OneDrive, Sharepoint, and many more.

One simple search across multiple systems takes less than a second to complete.

Results are both faster and more accurate. Our advanced semantic search understands the intent of your query and will find what you need, even if you have worded your search differently. This can help to unearth different versions of the same document that may use slightly different titles, ensuring you can select the most up to date.

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