Intelligent Information Workflow Automation

Apr 25, 2023
about 1 min read

Our customers are typically large and mid-sized enterprises. Having worked with such clients for a long time, we know that most have many fragmented systems; millions of documents across sometimes hundreds of different programmes. And when they go looking for information, they need facts and documents relevant to those facts, not fluff or filler, or inaccurate and outdated versions.

The way that SimSage works with our customers is based on our ability to tailor our platform by sector, so that it understands industry-based language, terminology, jargon or acronyms. This is one of the biggest challenges that our clients tell us they faced before changing to SimSage.

And because finding documents is only the start of the journey, we have also developed powerful workflow tools to automate repetitive information management processes that allow you and your teams to work the way they need. Whether you are preparing a DSAR response, de-duplicating a large document set, performing Early Case Assessment, setting up a Data Room, or the thousands of other ways our clients find to use SimSage every day, we can help you to save time, reduce cost, and mitigate risk.

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