SimSage Evolves

Jul 31, 2023
4 mins read
Tech start-up SimSage is leading the data evolution and expanding rapidly.

Information Management has changed - and Cambridge based tech start-up SimSage is leading the data evolution and expanding rapidly.

SimSage started its journey three years ago when tech pioneers and co-founders Sean Wilson, CEO and Chief Scientific Officer Rock de Vocht had a vision of how companies could interact more effectively with their data to improve productivity and reduce exposure to risk – and they have not looked back. Their vision developed and grew in Cornwall under the spectre of Covid and SimSage is now considered one of the leading tech innovators in Cambridge.

What is SimSage in 2023?

Sean says: “Back in 2019 – SimSage was nothing more than an exciting idea born from a conversation with computer scientist, linguist and friend Rock. Now, in 2023 we are a thriving business with a team of over 20, with market-leading clients and a bank of investors. It’s very satisfying to see how far we’ve come in a short time – and we’re continually growing”.

Sean and Rock are not new to the game of building and growing tech start-ups and if you know them you would not be surprised at the strides the company is making.

What is SimSage?

Simply put, SimSage helps businesses to their data by finding, auditing, categorising and automating it. Supported by a team of experts, SimSage has created a series of solutions built out of a proprietary intelligent information management platform, designed to increase productivity by reducing the time spent finding, organising and processing data.

The technology created by Rock and his technical team enables you to find relevant information quickly and securely, with one simple search across all of your existing systems. Up and running quickly with no need to move your data, SimSage can search a wide range of systems including Sharepoint, Google Drive, Dropbox, iManage, across more than 300 searchable file types – and companies are loving it. Not only does it do what it says on the box – it does more. It saves money – lots of money. And it saves employees time – lots of time.

But Sean is fast to point out that SimSage is not just a technology – SimSage is a people business.

Sean Says “We have focused our energy on creating something that is useful to people within businesses that are tasked with managing and finding data. More than that, we have built a business that has attracted seasoned business/technologists with senior, international, corporate and start-up successes”.

When talking to other people in the business, you quickly find that they have a shared vision of creating something new and amazing - and doing it together. Everyone at SimSage believes in the basic premise of the business that information needs to be easy to find and to help businesses use their data to its full potential – and quite simply that is what SimSage does.

SimSage currently has four core offerings – SimSage Audit, SimSage Find, SimSage Categorise and SimSage Automate. These solutions allow users to do a range of things from cleaning out dark data, redacting GDPR non-compliant data and helping to cleanse and re-order existing data buried in hidden parts of the system.

What is at the heart of it?

Rock, SimSage Chief Scientific Officer says – “We’ve built something with magic sauce – and no one is silly enough to reveal their magic sauce are they! But we use a variety of technology solutions including AI, machine learning, and clever meta-indexing. We are very proud of what we have created”.

So what next for SimSage?

SimSage is currently scaling up. Kai Duggal, Chief Marketing Officer says:

“The move to Cambridge signalled a change in gear. As the silicon valley of the UK, and because of the massive investment and support for tech in the region, it is the only place to be”.

With a recent win of a NYSE listed networking giant, the SimSage team are pushing into a variety of sectors from legal to finance, insurance and health. The product development team in the meantime is working around the clock to create best practice, beautifully designed solutions specially built for those sectors.

What is clear from anyone you speak to at SimSage is that they have the right formula – the right technology and the right people. And with that, as the company evolves they are looking toward a bright and exciting future through the second half of 2023 – and beyond.

SimSage is privately owned pioneering technology business. Founded in 2020, it is an intelligent information management platform, driven by a vision to help companies and people increase productivity by reducing the time spent finding, organising and processing data. With products allowing customers to unearth hidden data, find documents with accuracy and speed, access information from merged or acquired companies, perform efficient DSAR requests and reduce GDPR risk SimSage is changing the face of the data management industry. SimSage is based in Cambridge and Dubai and is supported by the skilled and experienced SJIC and Innovate UK management teams and is one to watch in 2023/2024.